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Kwame Brown's Top 10 plays video is a sad walk down memory lane for Wizards fans

If we're all being honest without ourselves, there aren't a lot of reasons to hate Kwame Brown. You can be upset with how his time in Washington played out after the Wizards took him with the top overall pick in the 2001 Draft, but hate is such a strong emotion to direct toward someone whose worst offense was being an 18 year old Michael Jordan thought he could craft into the next Horace Grant.

No, most Wizards fans don't really hate Kwame Brown, they're just sad about Kwame Brown. Sad that he didn't live up to expectations. Sad that Michael Jordan thought he'd have a better career than Tyson Chandler or Pau Gasol. Sad that he had to find his way in the NBA in a locker room that included Michael Jordan, Charles Oakley, and Christian Laettner.

But really, there's no reason to be sad for Kwame Brown, When you step back and take a look at his career, he actually wound up doing pretty well for himself. He stuck around in the NBA for 12 seasons and earned over $63 million in the process. In spite of challenging circumstances in his early career he survived and made something of himself. If anything, he's an NBA success story.

The people you should really feel bad about are Wizards fans. We had to put up with the Kwame Brown era and we only get two of his top 10 plays? What an outrage.