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Kevin Durant swats Oklahoma kids at camp, shows love for Caron Butler on Instagram

Kevin Durant is hosting a camp for youngsters in Oklahoma City this week and he's not taking it easy on them:

Of course, some of you diehard fans know that Kevin Durant creates this Kamp Krusty-like atmosphere every year:

Still, it has to be worrisome to Thunder fans that Kevin Durant is taking it so hard on these young Oklahoma fans. It's almost like he wants them to hate him. It's kinda like when you're ready to break up with someone so you start doing a bunch of obnoxious things to make the end of the relationship go smoother. Also, he probably doesn't want the guilt of seeing a six-year-old in a KD Thunder jersey weeping when he leaves.

To help move things along, Durant also took time out of his busy schedule at camp to hop on Instagram and send a shoutout to former Wizard Caron Butler:

The caption:

Shoutout my brother @caronbutler! Thanks for the influence you had on my life! Just here showing love.

"Just here showing love." So are we Kevin, so are we.