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Wizards reads on Dez Wells, the team's all-time starting five and Beal's extension

A few quick thoughts on some smaller Wizards stories in the news cycle this week

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Dez Wells unlikely to accept Wizards' training camp invite

Aaron White wasn't the only rookie on the Wizards' radar who saw the writing on the wall when the Wizards filled all 15 of their roster spots early in free agency. It appears Dez Wells, who was reportedly in the running for a roster spot earlier this summer, will likely pass on the Wizards' invite for training camp, according to J. Michael of CSN Washington.

To be honest, it's hard to envision any NBA team giving Wells a roster spot this season, but at least with another team, he has a shot at tagging along with the team's D-League affiliate after camp where he can develop and show his worth. Can't say we blame him for passing on the Wizards for another opportunity where he has the chance to work his way up.

Speaking of the D-League, it looks like the Wizards could have to find somewhere other than Fort Wayne to send Kelly Oubre if they want him to get some playing time in the D-League next season.

Yahoo Sports picks the Wizards' all-time starting five

I rarely disagree with Kelly Dwyer, but personally, I value Phil Chenier's nine, steady years as Bullet more than I value Earl Monroe's dynamic, four-year stint.  But I also realize I'm probably in the minority on that stance and certainly understand why some people would put Monroe ahead of Chenier.

Another reminder Bradley Beal probably won't sign an extension this summer

As we've detailed before, it doesn't make much sense for the Wizards to sign Bradley Beal to an extension this summer, because it could potentially hurt their chances at offering Kevin Durant a max offer next summer if the cap is lower than projected. It's an unnecessary risk to take when the Wizards can still match any offer sheet when Beal hits restricted free agency this summer.

Grantland's Zach Lowe tackled the subject in his latest column and made a good analogy that should hopefully put everyone at ease:

The Wizards need about $25.5 million in room to fit Kevin Durant on a max contract, and if they sign Beal to a max-level extension, they would have almost precisely that amount left over. Playing the math that tight is dangerous, and makes it hard to fill a workable roster unless ring-chasers come aboard at massive discounts. The Wiz would be safer following the path San Antonio took with Leonard, only they haven't built up the cachet that allowed the Spurs to say, essentially, "Trust us. Hold tight as a cheap cap hold, and we'll make it worth your while." Washington needs to nurture the good vibes, and that means at least coming to the table.

Good rule of thumb: If you have the opportunity to do something similar to the Spurs, you should probably just go ahead and do it.

The thing we'll miss most about Kevin Seraphin

This vine.