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Wizards among several teams interested in Ryan Hollins, according to report

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It's late August, which means the NBA Rumor Mill is moving along at a glacial pace, but every now and then something will come by that's of interest to the Wizards community.

Today's tidbit comes from Yahoo's Marc Spears, who says the Wizards may not be done looking at options to improve their depth at center this season:

The Kings and Clippers' interest should not come as a surprise since Hollins has played with both teams over the past three seasons. The Wizards are the interesting team in the mix here. They could use another center in the wake of Kevin Seraphin signing with the Knicks, but they already have 15 players signed to guaranteed deals for next season, so there's one of three things going on here:

  1. The Wizards are hoping to sign Hollins to an unguaranteed training camp contract. If so, you can't blame the Wizards for reaching out, but why would Hollins want to go all the way out to Washington for a training camp invite if he could get the same thing closer to home with the Kings or Clippers?
  2. The Wizards have a trade in the works to open up a roster spot if they can get Hollins to sign. Possible, but is it worth reshuffling your roster to find a way to fit Ryan Hollins on your roster?
  3. The Wizards are willing to bite the bullet and waive a guaranteed contract to bring in Hollins. Washington has a bunch of players on the final year of their contract this season, so if Hollins earned a roster spot, they could waive someone to make things work without hurting their finances too much.

Given what we know at the moment, option three appears to be the most likely scenario in which Hollins would join the team. And if that's the case, I agree with Ben Mehic of Wiz of Awes that DeJuan Blair would be guy on the hot seat. Yes, he'd be a little more expensive to waive than Garrett Temple, but there's no point in keeping Blair around if the team thinks Hollins is a better option. And honestly, you could make the case Hollins outplayed Blair last season:

Blair vs. Hollins

Blair has a clear rebounding edge, and is good at causing turnovers, but Hollins was a far more efficient scorer last season protected the rim better without fouling. If those differences even out, tie goes to Blair, who already has a guaranteed deal and is a few years younger than Hollins. But depending on what they Wizards are looking for with their reserve big men, Hollins may make more sense.

Of course, this is all very preliminary at this point of the game. For all we know, the team could just be inquiring to see if Hollins is interested in a training camp invite. But if nothing else, it goes to show the Wizards are still exploring roster options with NBA experience, which is good to hear.

UPDATE: The Wizards are only interested in bringing in Hollins as a training camp invite, according to Jorge Castillo.