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Community Survey Results: Let's get a BF night in Verizon Center this season, shall we?

We share you our results of a survey we launched in July. One of the things you all really wanted was a group night at Verizon Center. So let's make it happen.

Stewart W. Small

Last month, we put out a short community survey to see what you things you liked about Bullets Forever and what things you would like to see us do this upcoming season.

I would have put this post sooner if I wasn't on vacation so I apologize for the delay in this. But now, I'm ready to share the results with you.

How many respondents were there to the survey?

We had 460 people respond to the community survey. That's not an insignificant amount of people by any stretch of the imagination and more than I thought would respond during the NBA's dog days of summer.

1. Where do you live?

Here's the table to show where the respondents live:

Answer Choice Total Percent
Virginia 124 26.96%
Maryland 120 26.09%
USA (outside of D.C./MD/VA) 103 22.39%
Washington, D.C. 60 13.04%
Europe 24 5.22%
Asia 12 2.61%
Canada 5 1.09%
Central/South America 4 0.87%
Australia/Oceania 4 0.87%
No Answer 3 0.65%
Africa 1 0.22%
Mexico 0 0.00%

We're a site that focuses on a team in D.C., so I'm not surprised that nearly two-thirds of all the respondents said that they're from either Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C. which are the regions that are where or are close to where the Wizards play.

50 respondents do not live in America, and for a team that isn't as popular like the Lakers, for example, that's not shabby at all in my opinion.

2. What is your favorite part about Bullets Forever?

Answer Choice Total Percent
Team and player analysis from the fan perspective 157 34.13%
Game Recaps and real-time takes on Wizards news 133 28.91%
A consistent dialogue among fellow Wizards fans in the comments of each post 119 25.87%
GameThreads (posts that are done so fans can chat about the game as it happens) 25 5.43%
Quality Shots (our short form, fun takes on the team like #KD2DC) 23 5.00%
No Answer 3 0.65%

I've said it before in the comments and I'll say it again. Comment numbers on any single post aren't related with the quality of any single post. So, even though GameThreads get the most comments, they aren't places where the web traffic goes long term. The vast majority of you read this site either to read fan takes on various stories regarding the Wizards or a dialogue with other fans on those same posts.

Don't get me wrong. GameThreads are fun. It's an online community's own way of celebrating great moments or lamenting the bad ones, and that's where the most comments are going to happen since folks are watching in real time. But at the end of the day, fan opinions and perspective posts will always be the backbone of the site.

The only thing that Jake may be a little disappointed on is that the Quality Shots didn't rank so high on this list. Maybe there's some #KD2DC fatigue? :)

3. What things would you like to see us do for the 2015-16 season?

Alright, here's where things get interesting. The choices included both Wizards and non-Wizards related topics, but we were able to see some clear frontrunners among the options as well.

Answer Choice Total Percent
A Bullets Forever night at Verizon Center for a 2015-16 Wizards home game 236 51.30%
More interviews/features on players and staff (which includes mascots, PA announcers, Wizard Girls, etc.) 230 50.00%
A Bullets Forever watch party at an outside venue in the D.C. area 193 41.96%
More features on the Wizards in-game experience (food reviews, crowd atmosphere, etc.) 183 39.78%
A regular running series on Wizards franchise history 179 38.91%
Postgame video shows after each 2015-16 Wizards game 165 35.87%
GameThreads on other notable NBA games not involving the Wizards each week 75 16.30%
An outside the D.C. area Bullets Forever fan meetup (Wizards nation is worldwide!) 60 13.04%
Other basketball game coverage (D.C. Pro-Am / High School) 51 11.09%
More WNBA (Washington Mystics) and/or D-League (Fort Wayne Mad Ants) stories 38 8.26%
No Answer 19 4.13%

Where do we go from here?

There are two answer choices that stood out completely from the rest of the pack since at least half of the respondents chose this: a Bullets Forever game night at Verizon Center and more interviews/features on players and other Wizards figures. These two things will certainly be things that we'll focus on.

With a BF game night, we probably won't be able to get you a chance to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder play in Washington on Tuesday, November 10. But we'll see what we can do to get y'all to a good game and more.

As for player interviews and features, since we're in the middle of summer, there's not terribly much going on. But we will definitely do more of these once training camp and the season comes around in the fall.

A Bullets Forever game watch party and more features on the in-game experience didn't lag far behind with about 40 percent of you wanting us to do such events and/or pieces.

I received a lot of email addresses from those who were interested in helping us set up meet ups or group nights in some fashion. If you can send me another email at aleeinthedmv AT gmail DOT com on what ideas you have with such events, I'd appreciate it so we can plan some cool Wizards fan events.

You guys are all great. We look forward to getting some of your ideas and suggestions off the ground to further cultivate the great online community we have here at Bullets Forever.