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Kris Humphries wears sweatpants in beach workout with Wizards

You may have heard last week John Wall was organizing some team workouts this summer, and now we're starting to see some of the action from these workouts, thanks to Kris Humphries' Instagram account.

Here's a picture of everyone, including Jared Dudley, who is still recovering from surgery. If we had to guess, he's probably not participating in all the drills, but it's very encouraging to see him out there.

Team beach workout. #grinding #wizards #together #nodaysoff

A photo posted by @krishumphries on

Now, it may not seem like there's anything odd going on in this photo, but it becomes clear something is amiss in Humphries' next post:

Beach sprints! #alwaysinsweats #wiz

A video posted by @krishumphries on

That's right, Kris Humphries is embracing the #alwaysinsweats lifestyle. I could write a lot about the perils that come along with embracing a sweatpants lifestyle, but for the sake of avoiding a fight with the pro-sweatpants crowd, let's just focus on the specific problems with Kris Humphries wearing sweatpants to the beach for a team workout:

  1. It was over 80 degrees in Los Angeles today.
  2. Light gray sweatpants are not designed to conceal sweat stains. By the end of that workout, every Wizard will know what parts of Humphries' legs are the sweatiest.
  3. Also, sweatpants aren't exactly built to keep sand from getting stuck in the fabric. So by the end of the workout, those sweatpants be wet and smell like sweat, but there's going to be sand caked in there that probably won't ever wash out. It just seems like a good way to ruin a pair of sweatpants that could be used for more appropriate activities, like watching Netflix.
That all said, it appears like everything went well, and if it helps him improve his outside shot this season, maybe we'll all have to adopt the #alwaysinsweats lifestyle.