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Bradley Beal's summer workouts should be encouraging for Wizards fans

NBA summer workouts are to NBA players what P90x is to average person. Everyone says they're doing it, but until you see some cold, hard evidence it's just a lot of talk. Well, the NBA is providing some evidence that Beal is putting in the work this summer, and it's worth getting excited about:

Granted, every highlight reel looks great when you only include the shots that go in, but the real encouraging thing to see here is Beal working on shooting off the dribble. As Ben Standig notes on CSN Washington, improving his off-the-dribble game could pay big dividends for the Wizards next season:

In 63 regular season games last season, Washington's starting wing guard sank 41.2 percent (87 of 211) 3-pointers in pure catch-and-shoot scenarios. That means no dribble.

In this video, most of the shots came with one, two or three dribbles. Last season, according to, simply putting the ball on the court one time dropped his rate 27.3 (3 of 11). When taking 1-3 dribbles, Beal went 11 of 38 (28.9).

Better work with his handle could make a huge difference for the Wizards, especially during end of quarter or game situations. The Wizards weren't always a cohesive unit in those final second situations. Staples included lots of dribbling and lots of watching.

If Beal can take over some of those late-second bailout shot duties this season that would be great. Not only does that improve the team's efficiency, but it takes some of the pressure off John Wall to create so much of the Wizards' offense. But even if these workouts just help him stop being a liability shooting off-the-dribble, that's a big plus for Beal as he approaches restricted free agency. As we've discussed before, he probably isn't going to get an extension this summer, but every improvement he makes this summer helps his chances of securing a very nice deal next summer.

Another thing to keep in mind: The man working out with Beal in these clips is Drew Hanlen, the same trainer who is working to help develop Kelly Oubre's game this summer. If Hanlen can turn Beal into a plus shooter on the bounce, Oubre's future looks even more promising.