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Check out John Wall's latest signature shoes

Check out the designs here as Wall grows his brand as one of Adidas' top faces in basketball.

Photo courtesy of Adidas

John Wall and his ascending stardom -- even if he has to do so as an outsider -- have made him one of Adidas' top basketball athletes. Last year we had a chance to see the first version of his J Wall signature shoe. On Tuesday, Adidas released the second generation of his shoes.

In a press release, Adidas introduced the shoe with a line that may concur that Wall is ascending to stardom, his way, as you all are aware:

John Wall wasn’t ready for the league, they said. The electrifying No. 1 overall pick was challenged for having too much fun, too much flash and not enough consistency for success.

Also from the release, here are some of the common elements that you will see on the outsole of the shoe which pay respect to his roots with family and friends:

  • Mama’s Boy – John shares a close relationship with his mother, Frances Pulley, who instilled within him the purpose of becoming the best person he can be
  • Five Deep – The name coined for John’s crew of childhood friends
  • Great Wall – Inspired by his tattoo and personal goals
  • Raleigh & 919 – John’s hometown and area code in North Carolina

The J Wall 2 shoes will be released with two colorways for home and road games. The home colorway will be released on October 31 while the road one will be released on November 6. They will cost $115 a pair.

I won't leave you hanging so let's get to some shoe pics. Here's one of the home colorway,

and one for the away colorway.

j wall 2 home shoes

I think the shoes will look good on him, the road ones especially. How would you grade the J Wall 2's now that you've seen a glimpse?