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Nine GIFs to help you appreciate Chris Webber's time in Washington

The time he destroyed Shawn Bradley

Webber Gallery

Chris Webber was not an amazing leaper. He wasn't floorbound, but he didn't have dunk contest hops either. However, what he lacked in pure explosiveness he made up for with incredible body control. Here, you see how he uses extension to avoid the outstretched arms of Bradley and then used his incredible reflexes to throw the hammer down at the last possible second once he cleared the block attempt.

I know what you're probably thinking: "Yeah, that's nice, but what's the big deal? Lots of people dunked on Shawn Bradley." We'd argue you could say the same thing about climbing Mount Everest. Yeah, a lot of people have done it, but it's still a great accomplishment for anyone who makes it to the top.

The time he extended as far as he could go to finish an alley-oop

Webber Gallery

Like we said, Webber may not have been a great leaper, but he made this dunk work because of amazing body control. Do you know how hard it to corral a basketball with one hand when the ball is behind your head? Try it some time. Let us know if you can:

  1. Get a hand on the ball.
  2. Catch the ball.
  3. Still have enough power to direct the ball in the hoop for a dunk.

The time he made Tom Gugliotta and Kevin Garnett look silly

Webber Gallery

Speed kills. Making the guy the Warriors traded you for in 1994 look silly is just an accessory to the crime.

The time he blocked Shawn Kemp

Chris Webber block Shawn Kemp

Webber wasn't an explosive leaper like Kemp, and to be fair to The Reignman, the only reason Webber was able to make this block is because Harvey Grant kept him from exploding to the rim the way he wanted. Still, if you can't appreciate how Webber blocked Kemp here, appreciate how he instinctively cut across the lane at just the right moment to keep Kemp from getting an easy bucket.

The time he found Calbert Cheaney with a pass even though he was facing the wrong way

Chris Webber pass to Cheaney GIF

Poor Dee Brown. How do defend a pass like that in transition?

The time he hit Juwan Howard with a behind the back pass rather than going for the poster dunk

Webber Gallery

Most point guards wouldn't have the skills or the instincts to make this pass, but Chris Webber made it look routine.

The time he found Juwan Howard with a flashy pass in transition

Webber Gallery

Reminder: Chris Webber was listed at 6'9" 245 pounds.

The time he found Juwan Howard with a hail mary pass in transition

Webber Gallery

Weird. It's almost like these guys have amazing chemistry from years of playing together.

The time he showed his whole arsenal in one sequence

Webber Gallery

If you want one play to sum up the Chris Webber experience in Washington, this is it. Webber blocks Luc Longley's jump shot, gathers the ball in before it goes out of bounds, pushes the ball up court and threads a perfect bounce pass that sends Michael Jordan spinning and put the ball right in Rod Strickland's breadbasket where he can make the layup without having to hesitate to gather the ball.

Keep in mind Chris Webber was 23 here and he pulled this off against a Bulls, who went 69-13 that season.