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NBA Free Agency 4th of July Weekend Open Thread: LaMarcus Aldridge is signing with the Spurs

One major free agent has made his decision. And there are still many more moves left to be made.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs have made a lot of news in the last week. Here are some things we know:

Things are going really well in the Alamo, but Aldridge's announcement now puts David West, another free agent power forward on the block. Apparently, he is interested in playing for the Wizards, and the front office would like him here too. West has previously indicated that he will either play in D.C. or San Antonio this season. With Aldridge deciding to go to the Spurs, is West's arrival in Washington inevitable? Or is it a smoke screen for something else?

Chat about it below, as well as other moves going on in the Association. And NBA Summer League Basketball, namely the Orlando League, has started play as well. Schedule's here, and feel free to chat about those games too.