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Translating Kevin Durant's very cryptic, very subliminal battery emoji tweet

Late on Thursday night, Kevin Durant dropped an interesting tweet on the masses:

Most people assumed the battery emoji tweet was in reference to Drake's recent diss track "Charged Up" about Meek Mill. Durant has long been a Drake fan, so it's not surprising to see Durant show some support for one of his favorite artists.

The only thing less surprising than KD showing some love for Drake would be using social media to cryptically advance his #KD2DC agenda, and that appears to be exactly what Kevin Durant is up to once again. Consider the following evidence:

  • This could be about Charged Up, but it could also be a shoutout to Washington D.C.'s Battery Kemble Park.
  • Kevin Durant could be talking about the effects that roaming have on the battery life on a cell phone. As a loyal Sprint man, Kevin Durant is surely aware that cell phone reception is far better in the Washington D.C. area than the Oklahoma City area. He'd probably only need one battery emoji if he joined the Wizards.
  • Charged up is a diss track about Meek Mill, who is from Philadelphia. You know who else is from the Philadelphia area? Dion Waiters, who will probably have a diss track directed at him at some point in the next year or so.
  • Diss tracks are all about burning bridges, which Kevin Durant may have to do in the near future. If so, our resident rap laureate Nick Bilka has a line for you: Curly W across my belly/Proves OKC lost me already
  • Kevin Durant is a big Drake fan, but Drake didn't let him spit on one of his tracks. Wale did, and he just so happens to be the Wizards' Creative Liaison. Makes you think.