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Nick Young finally nails his Gilbert Arenas impression on game-winning shot in Drew League

Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas formed a tight, off-the-court bond during their time together on the Wizards. They're both fun-loving goofballs with roots in Southern California. And even though they no longer play together, they're still close, as evidenced by their occasional back-and-forths on Instagram.

But even to this day, Gilbert Arenas still has some influence on Nick Young's on-the-court game as well. Even though Nick Young models his game mostly after Kobe Bryant, you can still see a little Agent Zero sprinkled in his game as well.

Last year, you may remember he tried to recreate Arenas' famous game-winner against the Utah Jazz in a game against the Knicksbut it didn't go quite to plan:

Young  Gilbert miss GIF

Well, it took a little over a year, but Nick Young finally redeemed himself on Sunday night in a Drew League game, where he channeled his inner-Hibachi to win the game with the most phenomenal swag possible:

A video posted by Nick Young (@swaggyp1) on

And yes, he was definitely channeling Arenas on that final shot. Here's his caption for the Instagram post:

My turn around is crazy @drewleague game was crazy... Game winner... Lil Gilbert

Now that he's mastered the art of calling a game winning shot before it goes through the net, now Young can move on to trying to recreate Arenas' feat of getting banned from the Orange County Fair for being too good at shooting on carnival hoops.