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Leaked image shows potential new Wizards jerseys for city pride, Chinese New Year

The Washington Wizards could be getting two new alternate uniforms for the 2015-16 season, according to an image leaked on Reddit late on Wednesday night:

If you zoom in, you can see the Wizards are featured in two of the new designs:

Wizards leaked uniforms

The jersey on the left appears to be designed to for Chinese New Year, similar to designs the Warriors and Rockets have used in previous seasons. The jersey makes a lot of sense for the Wizards, since the Verizon Center is right in the heart of D.C.'s Chinatown area.

The jersey on the right is a modernization of the Bullets' funky, striped jerseys of the Wes Unseld/Elvin Hayes era, just this time around they'll be in the Wizards' red, white and blue and feature sleeves. These jerseys appear to be part of the NBA's Pride collection which feature very locally-based designs, like Portland's Rip City jerseys, or Charlotte's new Buzz City jersey.

It should be noted neither of these jerseys have been confirmed by the Wizards or the NBA as of yet, but Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch believes the leak is "probably legit" based on how the designs appear to sync up with previously released information about new jerseys for the upcoming season and the image's consistency with internal NBA documents.

If these are indeed new uniforms, they're solid additions to the Wizards rotation of uniform choices. The sleeved, striped jersey will probably be a little jarring to see at first, but it's a design that only a team like the Wizards can get away with because of their history with outside-the-box designs, so it's cool with us.