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Wizards' Top 10 Plays feature lots of John Wall spins and Nene dunks has come out with their rankings of the top 10 Washington Wizards plays of the season. If you can't watch the video, here's the list:

10. John Wall threading the needle to Marcin Gortat vs. the Sixers.
9. Kris Humphries posterizing Adreyian Payne.
8. Nene posterizing Rudy Gobert.
7. John Wall's crossover and layup in Game 5 vs. the Hawks.
6. Nene's dunk in Game 3 on Al Horford.
5. Nene posterizing Nikola Mirotic.
4. Wall's 360 layup vs. the Clippers.
3. Wall's 360 layup vs. the Knicks on Christmas.
2. Bradley Beal's game-winner vs. Orlando.
1. Paul Pierce's Game 3 buzzer beater vs. Atlanta.

Personally, I would've tried to find a way to get John Wall's steal on Kyrie Irving, or Andre Miller's failed putback dunk in there somehow, but all in all, there's not much to argue with here.

Still, it's surprising to look back and see how many highlight reel plays Nene had last year. For as much talk as there's been about how he's lost a step and hurts the team's spacing, he can still be a really exciting player who can cram it on anyone if he's got a head of steam.