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The Wizards should get a Montrose Christian alternate jersey next season

You may have heard the Pacers are getting some new alternate jerseys for the upcoming season, based on the Hickory High jerseys from Hoosiers. Here's what they'll look like:

What makes these uniforms so great and unique is how they're so Indiana, even though they don't have a direct tie to the Pacers franchise, like most alternate jerseys.

Now that the Pacers have pioneered a new way to look at alternate jerseys, we're hoping other NBA teams get to follow suit in the future. If so, Sporting News NBA editor Adi Joseph has a great way for the Wizards to get on board with the new wave of alternate jerseys and use it as a leverage point for some of their plans for next summer:

Bingo! We couldn't agree more. Who cares if this doesn't fit the Wizards' color scheme? If we put up with the Wizards' gold alternate jerseys in the Gilbert Arenas era, we can live with this as well. Make it happen, Wizards.

Beal Montrose 2