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NBA Free Agency Day 2 Open Thread

That was one crazy day yesterday.

Draymond Green has over 80 million reasons to smile today besides being an NBA champion.
Draymond Green has over 80 million reasons to smile today besides being an NBA champion.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Here's your space to talk about all of the free agency moves going around the Association now that we're in the second day of NBA free agency.

If you need a general recap of the day that was July 1, 2015, SB Nation NBA's Mike Prada (and our former Editor-In-Chief) has you covered. Prada also has a list of every free agent signing as well.

Here are just SOME of the major news of the day when players changed teams. Emphasis is mine:

Many players have stayed on their teams from last season. Here's a sampler of just SOME the announcements:
  • Kevin Love's staying with the Cavs (Fear the Sword). And Tristan Thompson is getting $80 million over five years to remain in the wine and gold. I don't know if he's worth a max extension like this. But this is why the Cavaliers can use this type of money on a player like Thompson. LeBron James intends on signing maximum-level contracts to the extent possible for the foreseeable future and doesn't want to sign for a longer term deal because that will negatively affect his future earnings. For Thompson, there is more security for him, especially if he doesn't live up to be a perennial All-Star. Either way, kudos to Thompson for scoring this major contract.
  • Draymond Green is also getting a five-year max extension to stay with the Golden State Warriors. It's worth about $82 MILLION! (Golden State of Mind) Green is now in a Golden State of Greenbacks after this deal's official.
  • Danny Green is getting paid $45 million over four seasons and Kawhi Leonard is getting a five-year max extension to stay with the Spurs (Pounding the Rock)
  • Anthony Davis, the first pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, has agreed to a five-year max extension worth up to $140 million with the Pelicans. With Davis making this kind of money, now we have a little better idea on what Beal may be looking for with his sophomore deal. (The Bird Writes)
And here are some more general takes on free agency, and the decline of the glamour in glamour teams in general:
  • SB Nation NBA's Tom Ziller writes that the Lakers' mystique is dead. I'd have to agree.
  • Meanwhile, Silver Screen and Roll's Harrison Faigen isn't so sure about that. I dopn't think the Lakers missing out on free agency is a bad thing right now. They're a bad team right now and will be that way until Kobe Bryant's mega contract is off the books. While free agency is a way to rebuild a team, the Lakers have a number of young, homegrown drafted players who could be part of a bright future for them like Jordan Clarkson, Justin Randle, and D'Angelo Russell.
  • The Knicks... well, they haven't done much on the star front. But they did sign Arron Afflalo for $16 million over two seasons which is a nice pick up for them. My hope for the Knicks is that they just stick with the Draft and make some short free agent signings as they build their identity in the Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher era. An identity that doesn't involve throwing money for no reason  the second cap space opens up...

Anyway, this is way too long for an open thread. There will definitely be a number of signing announcements via reports today and the week ahead. Talk about all of them in this space my friends.