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Wizards are interested in C.J. Watson, according to a report

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Well, it turns out the Wizards are looking at more than one guard who played for the Pacers last season. In addition to Rodney Stuckey, the Wizards have expressed interest in C.J. Watsonaccording to Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post. The Clippers and Mavericks have also expressed interest in Watson, according to Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders.

Unlike Stuckey, Watson will be a bit further down on the Wizards' priority list. He doesn't fill an immediate need, but could be a useful addition for the Wizards. He's coming off a season in Indiana where he averaged 14.4 points, 5.3 assists, and 4.1 rebounds per 36 minutes while shooting 40 percent from beyond the arc.

What's interesting is those numbers compare very favorably with the Wizards' current backup point guard, Ramon Sessions. Watson doesn't penetrate as well as Sessions but has proven himself to be a more consistent outside shooter over his career. As good as Ramon was shooting after he joined the Wizards, you probably can't depend on him to shoot over 40 percent like he did after being traded to Washington.

That said, it's probably wrong to look at the Wizards' interest in C.J. Watson as a sign they're trying to move on from Ramon Sessions. Dual point guard lineups are showing themselves to be effective around the league, and a Sessions-Watson combination would provide a nice blend of shooting and playmaking offensively, and they'd help keep the pace up when Wall and Beal are on the bench.

We've heard the Wizards express interest in better options off the bench, notably Alan Anderson and Wayne Ellington, but C.J. Watson isn't a bad option either.

UPDATE: The glowing things we wrote on Watson came on the condition the Wizards were offering less than the mid-level exception. That may not be the case according to J. Michael of CSN Washington.