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Wizards vs. Nuggets final score: Oubre scores 30 points to lead Washington to 97-89 win

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards 2015 Las Vegas Summer League trip came to a close with a 97-89 win against the Denver Nuggets. The Wizards finish Summer League with a 3-3 record.

Here's what we noticed in the Wizards' final Summer League game.

Oubre finishes Summer League with his best performance

Kelly Oubre followed up his worst performance of Summer League with his best performance to close things out against the Nuggets. He scored a game-high 30 points and had his most efficient shooting performance in Vegas, going 9-14 from the field and making 5 of his 7 threes. He played with all the poise and confidence he was missing in Thursday's loss against the Pelicans. With Emmanuel Mudiay sitting this one out, Oubre was arguably the best player on the floor and he played like it.

He excelled despite taking on some point guard duties after Scott Machado got injured early in the game. Even though he's not a great passer by any stretch (he only had 3 assists) he held his own running the offense and probing the defense while only turning the ball over once.

Odds are, this is probably the last meaningful playing time Oubre will get for quite some time with the Wizards, but all in all, his performance in Las Vegas has been very encouraging and tonight's game was the cherry on top. It still may take some time to translate to the NBA level, but Oubre his showing he has the tools to be more than just a 3 & D player.

Did Wizards' 2015 second round pick Aaron White have a good game?

No, unfortunately. He finished with 0 points and 3 fouls in 12 minutes of action.

Did Wizards' 2006 first round pick Oleksiy Pecherov have a good game?


It took ten years, but Oleksiy Pecherov finally showed the promise that came with being drafted ahead of Rajon Rondo. He scored 21 points and snagged 8 rebounds in under 20 minutes of action, burying three of his six attempts beyond the arc.

He even got a dunk!

Even John Wall was baffled by the Pecherov's outburst:

It was a truly glorious performance. You probably feel terrible for not staying in and watching Summer League action, don't you? We'll be talking about this game for ages. We're sure it'll be on ESPN Classic within the next week or so.