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Wizards reportedly interested in free agent Alan Anderson

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Regardless of what happens with Paul Pierce in free agency, the Wizards need to address their depth on the wings in free agency. As part of their plan to improve their depth, the Wizards are reportedly interested in Alan Andersonaccording to Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post.

Anderson isn't the first wing option the Wizards have expressed interest in since free agency started Wednesday morning. The Wizards have also been linked to Mike Dunleavy (who opted to sign a three-year deal to stay in Chicagoand Wayne Ellington.

Of the three options listed, Anderson slots in right between Dunleavy and Ellington in terms of where he should sit on the Wizards' free agent hierarchy. Anderson is older and not quite as good of a shooter as Ellington, but provides great value as a defender. He ranked sixth in Defensive Real Plus/Minus at the shooting guard position last year, ahead of Danny Green and Iman Shumpert. He's also a better passer than Ellington, which would help alleviate some of the burden on Wall, Beal and Sessions to create offense.

Alan Anderson may not have the one elite skill to point to where you can say "THAT's how he helps the Wizards!" but he also doesn't have a critical flaw. If nothing else, he'd be an immediate upgrade over Rasual Butler in that role off the bench. He probably isn't worth the mid-level exception, but the Wizards could use one of their two traded player exceptions (from the Trevor Ariza and Andre Miller trades) to acquire him, it would be a nice upgrade for Washington off the bench.