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The Wizards are pursuing Mike Dunleavy Jr, per report

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: It looks like Dunleavy is staying in Chicago with a new 3 year, $14.4 million deal. The original post is below.

According to RealGM's Shams Charania, the Wizards were scheduled to have a phone conversation with Paul Pierce at 12:01 a.m., but regardless of how that goes, they'll likely be in the market for some wing help. Mike Dunleavy Jr will assuredly be one of many names that will be linked to the Wizards within the next couple of days.

With Kirk Hinrich picking up his player option, the Bulls will have to go over the luxury tax in order to retain Dunleavy's services, which would be only their second time doing so in franchise history. Management stated their desire to do so in the name of bringing their core back, but there's still reason to speculate considering they have Tony Snell and Doug McDermott waiting in the wings, the latter of which they paid a premium to get last year in the draft.

I don't mind the fit, even if Dunleavy is approaching 35 years old. His game has aged well on both ends of the floor and he does just enough offensively to pick up some secondary ball handling duties. I do think the Wizards would be better served getting younger or going after say, Marco Bellineli, but I can see the appeal with wanting another shooter who can slide between the two and three.