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Bullets Forever community 2015 NBA Draft board: Pick No. 3

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

In a great non-surprise, Jahlil Okafor took the second spot on the Bullets Forever community draft board with over two-thirds of the vote. Now that Towns and Okafor are off the board, things should get more unpredictable moving forward.

As a quick reminder, here are the guidelines on how to vote:

  • Each day, we'll have a poll to determine which player belongs in that spot on the draft board. The winner of that poll after approximately one day will occupy the spot. We'll then move on to the next one.
  • You're voting as if this is the Washington Wizards' board, not necessarily a general list of top prospects. Weigh team needs as much as you feel is appropriate.
  • While most teams prefer a tiered system that places prospects within certain groupings, then picks the one the team most needs from that group, assume that this is a straight list. In other words: if everyone that you can vote on is available at the pick we're at, which player would you choose?