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Bradley Beal on being a judge for D.C. City Slam, his summer plans, and Paul Pierce

We had a chance to see some crazy dunks at the New York Avenue Playground last weekend at the D.C. City Slam and catch up with Bradley Beal who was one of the judges.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

On Saturday, June 20, 2015, the New York Avenue Playground hosted the 7-Eleven City Slam presented by Brisk. The City Slam in D.C. was the first of a three-city tour which will include stops in Chicago on Saturday, June 27, and Los Angeles on July 25. At the event, Wizards guard Bradley Beal, former Redskins linebacker Lemar Marshall, and City Slam Founder Chuck Millan served as the dunk contest's judges.

French dunker Guy Dupuy won the D.C. City Slam, which included a Grand Prize of $5,000. So you know, Dupuy has made a name for himself well before coming to the event in Washington as a dunker. He even received a mention on TNT's Inside the NBA. Here's a YouTube video below where you can see more of his highlights:

Dupuy didn't disappoint the spectators at all during the event. He made some crazy dunks over people like this:

and this dunk over eight people!:

We've seen plenty of NBA Slam Dunk Contests where the dunkers attempt and miss a dunk two or three times before it actually goes in. What made Dupuy even more of a pleasure to watch was that he made those above dunks on the first try. In fact, he only missed two dunk attempts during the entire event. Other dunkers weren't so lucky, even though they still had some great dunks of their own.

After the City Slam, I left totally convinced that this dunk contest was better than anything the NBA can come up with during All-Star Weekend, unless they invited Dupuy or some other top-tier dunkers to show what they can do. I also had a chance to catch up with Beal and ask him what he's been up to since last May. Our Q&A's below:

Bullets Forever: Which dunks did you like the most during the D.C. City Slam?

Bradley Beal: It was a lot. I think [Guy Dupuy's] dunks were amazing just because he was creative, and he always got all of them on the first try, but, you know, there's a lot of between legs, behind the backs, jumping over objects. So it was real creative, so it's really hard to just pick one.

BF: What have you been up to in the summer since the playoffs ended?

Beal: Nothing much, just trying to enjoy my summer. I just got back from China with Nike not too long ago so I'm just trying to enjoy the summer as much as I can.

BF: Could you tell us a little bit more about the exhibition game you're going to play in South Africa in August?

Beal: I'm excited. It's a chance for me to be able to go over there, support Luol Deng, Serge Ibaka and play with [Chris Paul and Kenneth Faried] too. It's definitely gonna be a lot of fun.

BF: Are there any parts of your game that you want to expand on for next year?

Beal: Everything, because nothing's perfect. You continue to get better, especially my ball handling, create for myself and my teammates. I definitely want to be more aggressive [heading into next season].

BF: Paul Pierce's free agency is one of the Wizards' big topics this summer. Have you kept in touch with him and do you think he'll come back next year?

Beal: I hope so. You know, it's always hard to tell when, you know, guys are at the end of their career. He's from LA, but it's kind of hard not to believe the rumors. At the same time, we had something special. We had a great team and he was a part of it. He's part of the reason why we were successful so hopefully he comes back.

Thanks to the staff at the 7-Eleven City Slam presented by Brisk for hosting this event and to Bradley for speaking with us. You can watch the event on ESPN2 on July 7 at 10 p.m. ET -- and you'll probably see me desperately trying to Vine every move.

Update: Colts cornerback Vontae Davis was unable to attend the City Slam last Saturday. Former Redskins linebacker Lemar Marshall was there in his place.