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Wizards invite six to June 2 pre-draft workouts

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards are hosting their second day of pre-draft workouts, and once again, they'll be looking at players who can play behind John Wall and Bradley Beal, as well as options at center. Here's who will be participating on Tuesday:


  • Will Cummings - Temple
  • Amere May - Delaware State
  • Marcus Thornton - William & Mary
  • Jarvis Threatt - RGV Vipers (D-League)


  • Dallin Bachynski - Utah
  • Jaleel Roberts - UNC Asheville

Of the six invitees, the only two with outside shots of being drafted this year are Threatt and Thornton, who are ranked 97th and 98th on the Draft Express Top 100 list. So odds are, the players at Tuesday's workout won't be on the Wizards' radar with the 49th pick.

That said, let's not jump to any conclusions on what the Wizards are planning to do with their draft picks based on one underwhelming pre-draft workout list. Even though there may not be a draft candidate in Tuesday's workout, that doesn't mean they're punting on draft scouting. They're competing with 29 other teams for workout time. The Wizards won't always be able to get someone they want to take a look at each day.

Besides, even if no one from today's workouts gets drafted, today serves as an opportunity to scout out players who could help out in Summer League and possibly get an early leg up on D-League scouting. Regardless of what the Wizards plans are for the draft, today is not a waste.