Four offseason suggestions for the Wizards

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There are some things that I believe the Wizards can do in the front office and with their roster. I will not waste any time, so let's get right to it.

1. Hire Danny Ferry

I know this seems random to think about but this is actually more feasible than one might think. We already know how loyal Ted Leonsis is and we know how much he loves to hark on the accomplishments this team has made, so I'm under no type of delusion that Grunfeld is going anywhere, but I do believe his role can change.

The Wizards could take advantage of getting an available brain trust in Danny Ferry, who has ties to this franchise and this area, to be the general manager and allow Grunfeld to retain his role as the President of Basketball Operations. It's technically not firing him, which Leonsis seems to be afraid of any way but it gives you somebody who did a great job constructing Atlanta's roster but also someone that is probably a little bit more capable of drafting talent.

2. Trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder (no, KD's not involved)

Have you seen the OKC Thunder's salary situation? It's not good. Without Enes Kanter on the books (he is a restricted free agent), they are at $76 million with a first round draft pick to sign as well. If they want to keep Enes Kanter, who provides them a different skill set than some of their other bigs in that he can post up and has a nice mid range game, then they will need to either get rid of their 1st round pick and/or shed some of the players off their roster. This is all of course assuming they do not want to exceed the luxury tax.

My suggestion? Trade your second round pick to pick up either Jeremy Lamb or Perry Jones III. They may be less likely to part with PJ3 given Kevin Durant's recent injury history, but Jeremy Lamb, with the Thunder already using Dion Waiters, Anthony Morrow, abd potentially another guard in the draft, their backcourt is crowded.

This trade works for the Thunder because they can simply draft a Euro stash or even not sign the pick. They have options with a second round pick that will get them out of having to pay a guaranteed salary. They shed salary without taking any salary back. The Wizards get a young, cheap 2 who has the potential to be a nice piece off the bench in a low-risk move.

3. Draft a Stretch 4

I know a lot of people see Bobby Portis in this spot, but to be honest with you, if he is as good as people have seen him to be, then he will likely not be there. The more likely option would be to have Kevon Looney as a project to be your future PF going forward.

4. Get another late first round pick

This may be the most challenging aspect of this. Perhaps a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are looking to clear cap space to sign their big name free agents and perhaps bring others may be willing to part with their pick. If you are able to purchase another draft pick, you have the potential add another 1st round pick in what appears to be a deep draft. You may even have to sweeten the deal with a future draft pick, but if you can do it without sending them a 1st rounder, it's a no-brainer. According to, Justin Anderson should be available at that spot.

(* * *)

When you put it all together this how your roster should look.

PG: Wall/Sessions/Bynum

SG: Beal/Lamb/Temple

SF: Porter/Anderson/Webster

PF: Humphries/Looney/Gooden

C: Gortat/Nene

A couple of things to note. I'm assuming Pierce and Seraphin are both gone in free agency. I also believe given the nature of his size that Looney, if drafted, would serve better coming off the bench for his first year and I would expect the Wizards to bring back Gooden on the veteran's minimum.

The great thing about this roster is as you can see, it is immediately much younger than the roster this past season. It is also more athletic, scoring should improve in the second unit and the defense on the second unit has a lot of potential. The other thing to consider here is you do not add unnecessary salary and it gives you flexibility to pursue Kevin Durant or another free agent next summer. If you look at this, you are only adding rookie contracts (Lamb, Anderson and Looney).

Thoughts? Do these things sound feasible to you? If you wouldn't pick these guys, who would you pick if they aren't available?

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