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Will Bynum's weird 2014-15 season in review

We kick off our end of season player evaluations with the most recent player to join the team, Will Bynum.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

There's not much to say about someone who played 98 minutes this season, but we'll try our best. To start things off, let's do a quick review of Will Bynum's season:

The only grade you can give Will Bynum after this season is incomplete. There's almost nothing to evaluate performance-wise this season, and what little is out there is clouded by his injury and the level of competition he faced.

That said, if he has any shot at returning to Washington next season, he needs to something to prove he has more to offer because this year's results were not encouraging. Bynum was 8-14 on layups and finger rolls this season, but just 10-for-32 on everything else. Here's his shot chart for this season from the regular season and the playoffs, via Basketball-Reference:

Will Bynum Shot Chart

If that shot chart belonged to Tony Allen, it would be one thing, but Will Bynum was not brought in to be FIRST TEAM ALL-DEFENSE, nor was he brought in to be a dazzling distributor. Will Bynum was brought in to provide scoring off the bench, and he only did that once in his short time in Washington. If he can't score, there's no point in keeping him around for next season.

Optimistically, you could argue it came after Bynum had more time to rest his hamstring, and the Will Bynum we saw hold down the fort with John Wall out is closer to the Will Bynum we could see next season. And to be fair, for as much as Ramon Sessions did to solve the Wizards' need for a backup point guard, they could still use another capable ballhandler moving forward. But Bynum is going to have to do a lot more than just show he can still dribble a basketball next season if he wants a full season to show his worth in Washington.