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Top 5 Wizards stories of the week for May 3, 2015

One story dominates the headlines, for the wrong reasons. But we also have some others to share with you.

This is not the way I want this season to end.... :(
This is not the way I want this season to end.... :(
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Spring is in full swing! Let's take a look at your top stories for the first week of May as the second round of the playoffs is underway. Unfortunately, the first one isn't good.

1. John Wall fractured his left hand and wrist during Sunday's win vs. the Atlanta Hawks

This is the mammoth in the room. It initially appeared that Wall didn't break anything, but after multiple opinions, it has been determined that he has five non-displaced fractures in his left hand and wrist. This sucks.

2. Wizards and Hawks are tied up, 1-1 in the second round of the playoffs

The Wizards were able to win Game 1 of the series, 104-98 on Sunday but lost 106-90 on Tuesday for Game 2.

3. How can the Wizards manage to get out of the second round? Is all hope lost?

Not necessarily. But whether Wall is able to play for the rest of the playoffs or not, the Wizards are now a changed team. Umair explains here. In addition, Mike explains that Bradley Beal must find a way to be a better floor general.

4. Otto Porter continues to be a success story in the Wizards' playoff run

Jake explains how the Shaqtin' a Fool MVP nominee is showing his worth as a valuable contributor in other ways than standing still. But seriously, this guy is a damn good player.

5. Dominique Wilkins and Kevin Willis talk about Randy Wittman when he was playing for the Hawks

The Hawks' legends spoke about their former teammate who started his 10-year NBA playing career for Atlanta. Here's the video from Monumental Network below or click here:

God, I hope we bounce back on Saturday, Wall or no Wall.