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Top 5 Wizards and Mystics stories for the week of May 24, 2015

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Here are the storylines surrounding D.C. professional basketball as we finish the last full week in May.

Let's say that John Wall doesn't like the month of May that much, except Mother's Day of course.
Let's say that John Wall doesn't like the month of May that much, except Mother's Day of course.
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Hope your Fridays are going well as we get closer to the dog days of summer.

1. John Wall and his friends were escorted off a plane in Las Vegas last Tuesday.

According to TMZ, John Wall and a group of his friends was escorted off an American Airlines plane in Las Vegas that was headed for Washington D.C. last Tuesday. Apparently, one of the members of Wall's camp got into a verbal altercation with a passenger that police had to intervene in. No one was arrested, but the flight crew did request that Wall and his camp not be on the return flight home.

The good news is that Wall himself wasn't the one arguing, so let's get that out of the way. But the bad news is that he now has some bad publicity with this, and he's an NBA player that is more image-conscious than most.

2. The Mystics are undefeated in preseason play so far.

So much for advocating that they tank, huh? But I'll be honest, I'm pleasantly surprised that the Mystics -- and their younger players in particular -- have played as well as they have in their preseason matches so far.

It's still preseason for the Mystics, but they blew out the Atlanta Dream, 79-55 in Louisville last Saturday, and also blew out the Minnesota Lynx, 89-63 on Wednesday in a matinee game at Verizon Center. But let me also add this. The Mystics played their starters roughly about the same number of minutes as their opponents. Their defense has also been stout, as they forced both Atlanta and Minnesota to commit 20 or more turnovers while they never committed more than 14 in either game.

Finally, Tayler Hill has been a force to be reckoned with in these two games. She has stolen the ball six times in the two games, and scored a team-high 18 points in Wednesday's match vs. Minnesota. I'll admit that the "pro-tanking" side is still on my mind for obvious reasons, but if Hill can play like this during the regular season, she could ultimately be a starter by midseason.

The Mystics finish their preseason schedule later today as they face off against the Indiana Fever on the road.

3. The Mystics host an analytic scrimmage vs. the Lynx on Tuesday, and Ted Leonsis also talks about the timetable for a practice facility and a D-League team.

Before the Mystics gave "Los Lynx" -- which is their nickname -- the business on Wednesday, they also defeated them the day before in a 20-minute analytic scrimmage with modified rules. Leonsis gave a long Q&A to the press regarding the use of analytics in the WNBA, his desire for a practice facility location announcement to come before the start of the 2015-16 Wizards' season, and he also wants a D-League team in place once or soon after the practice facility location is finalized.

I think most of us are in agreement that Ted Leonsis is not a bad NBA team owner though I'll say that he's got a lot on his plate when you consider that he owns other teams, and the building they play in. But if you're wondering how good or supportive of a WNBA team owner he is, this Q&A should show you that yes, he wants the Mystics to be a winner, not a novelty side-project.

4. Randy Wittman is the seventh longest-tenured NBA head coach!

He now has had his current job longer than all but six teams' head coaches. Yes, the man has his faults, but he also has done a good job all things considered during his tenure in D.C.

5. An anonymous NBA player says that he's "pretty sure" that #KD2DC will be for real next summer.

Read here for Jake's take. I wonder if an easier path to the NBA Finals will be what convinces Durant to move East...

That's all I have for the week. Enjoy your weekends!