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Wall says he's going to Cleveland in exit interview, while Pierce doesn't give one

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Monday was a dark day at the Verizon Center because most of the Wizards' players gave their exit interviews.

The weekend was a pretty dark time for a lot of D.C. sports fans, including myself after Friday's loss to the Atlanta Hawks. On Monday, the Wizards had their exit interviews, so let's go through them real quick.

The first player I'll highlight is John Wall, who said that things happen for a reason and that he is going to the Cleveland Clinic to get his hand examined. That said, he isn't going to the Eastern Conference Finals to catch a game between the Hawks and Cavs. His quote when asked about that subject:

If I do, I'm not going there anyway. Let me go get my stuff and get out. I don't care about watching [those games].

His video is embedded above from Monumental Network.

Of the rest of the Wizards' players, one did not give an exit interview to the press:

That said, Paul Pierce's postgame interview last Friday sounded a lot like one anyway:

I know the man will be 38 this year, but I think Pierce -- even in a bench role -- will still be an effective player for the Wizards this fall. But to be fair to him, he's an old player now. And only one of his four consecutive game-winner or game-tying shots ended up being successful.

To watch all the other Wizards' players exit interviews, click here to get to Monumental Network's hub.