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Here's what the Wizards will wear if they play on Christmas Day

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It's Christmas in May, apparently. Uni-Watch got a hold of the NBA's design plans for the 2015 Christmas Day uniforms, including the Wizards:

Before you get excited, Uni-Watch has the designs for all 30 teams, so it's still too early to conclude we'll see the Wizards on the holiday stage again for the 2015-16 season. Your guess is as good as ours why they'd have people design jerseys for all 30 teams knowing they'd only use one-third of them, but that's none of our business.

Still, that Wizards design is interesting. It got us wondering, why not keep that scheme and use it as a road jersey. Here's what it would look like if you took all the Christmas elements out and made it fit the Wizards' design scheme:

Wiz alternate jersey

Seems like a winner to us.