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Wizards vs. Hawks Game 5 preview: Washington faces biggest game of the season in Atlanta

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Game info:

Where and When?

The Washington Wizards will take on the Atlanta Hawks in the Philips Center at 8 p.m.


The game will air on TNT.


You can join the #radioparty on 99.1 WNEW.

Injury Report

John Wall is still the big question mark. Wall finally took a step in the right direction Tuesday, as he finally got to do some "light dribbling" with his injured hand at practice. Crazier things have happened, but it's hard to see Wall making the jump from light dribbling to fully functional overnight.

Storylines for Game 5

Can the Wizards get Marcin Gortat going again?

After a five week tear, Gortat was bound to have a clunker game at some point, but his 3 point performance in Game 4 went beyond just having a bad day at the office. Atlanta limited Gortat to 41 touches in Game 4. In Games 1-3 he had 53, 61 and 50 touches, respectively. When he did get the ball, he was forced into post-ups where he's a much less effective offensive option.

More than anyone else, Marcin Gortat is feeling the negative impact of Wall's absence. The Hawks don't have to respect Sessions and Beal's abilities to attack the rim as much, which allows them to devote more attention to cutting off Gortat as a roll man to the rim, or cutting off the passing lanes that only a savant like Wall can create.

Can Otto rebound after his first subpar performance of the playoffs?

Like Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter was bound to come back down to earth a little bit after a strong start to the playoffs, and he finally did in Game 4. It wasn't a bad game by any means, it just didn't meet the unsustainably high standard Porter has set in the playoffs. Question is, now that he's faced a little adversity, how will he respond tonight? If he falters, there's no reason to be upset -- he's 21 after all -- but if he bounces back with a strong game on the road in a pivotal Game 5, it's all the more reason to be excited about Porter's future.

If John Wall doesn't play tonight, what suit will he wear?

Sure, this is a big game, but Wall's suit choice tonight is critical. If he's out, we hope he wears something legitimately bonkers. If it doesn't have rhinestones and feathers, we'll be disappointed.