(9)9 Reactionary Thoughts from the Wizards' Game 4 Loss

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1) It's almost worse that we almost won without Wall than if we had gotten blown out. It makes it that much clearer that we would be 4-0 with our PG. If we lost the last three in a blowout fashion, we could all just shrug and say "what can you do?" But we won one, and we've been in it for two (and really in it for one). So close, yet so far.

2) It's still sort of heartening that it was close? We didn't go down without a fight. We didn't get blown out. We didn't embarrass ourselves like Houston did last night.

3) On the one hand, we had chances to win this game, and we blew it. The blown layups. The Otto turnover.....On the other hand, I look forward to reading the officiating report tomorrow where it says Korver got away with a travel at the end of the game.

4) PG defense was our #1 problem. Gortat was our #2 problem (have you ever seen another player whose defensive effort was as influenced by offense? I haven't). Disappearing Otto was #3 problem. First half transition defense (related to all of the above) was our #4 problem. Horford and Milsap hurt us, but everything was initiated by Schroder and Teague torching Bynum and Sessions. I know Nene and Gortat can't really defend Atlanta's frontcourt anyway, but they were extra off-balance from dealing with penetrating guards.

4a) We would have none of those problems if Wall were healthy.

4b) No excuses though, we were two blown layups away from winning this sucker. We had every chance to pull ahead.

4c) Seriously, a mediocre Gortat shows up, and we win.

5) ATL the first team to figure out that if you don't foul Sessions, he blows the layup.

6) Bradley Beal is going to be a star. If there is any silver lining to take away from this game, it's that Beal was fantastic. 34 points, 44% from the field, 4-8 from three, seven assists, three steals, a block and only 3 turnovers, plus four games in a row of near-perfect defense on one of the NBA's most deadly three point shooters. It looked like the pressure was getting to him in the first half, but in the second? Out for blood.

7) I'm going to die on this hill: We would be in better shape if Kris Humphries got minutes. Those boards that bounced off of Gooden and Nene's hands out of bounds? Hump would have them. He may not be a good defender, but he can't be worse than Gooden. And it's not like Gooden's been able to get a decent shot off in the last two games anyway.

8) Thank God we're a good road playoff team.

9-99) We would be up 4-0 with Wall. We would be up 4-0 with Wall. We would be up 4-0 with Wall. We would be up 4-0 with Wall. I need a drink.

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