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What Kevin Durant's new Sonic commercial says about his chances of joining the Wizards

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Last November, Kevin Durant announced a new partnership with Sonic Drive-In. At the time, it seemed like great news for Thunder fans, since Sonic is an Oklahoma City-based company. But as we said at the time, Wizards fans still have plenty of reasons to believe Kevin Durant is coming home when he hits free agency in 2016.

Since the announcement, there hasn't been much news on the Sonic/Durant front until this week, when Sonic announced they would be coming out with a Kevin Durant Signature Slush. Here's what the slushes will include, according to their press release:

The addition of two signature Kevin Durant Slushes, including The All-Star™, made with blue raspberry and Nerds with rainbow candy, and The Game Changer, made with lemon, strawberries and Nerds with rainbow candy, make the second year of Slush Headquarters at SONIC extra special.

To help promote the new slush, they released two commercials:

The commercials are nice and all, but it's a bit confusing if you recall what Durant said when he joined Sonic:

Nothing says "healthier menu options" like offering new slushes with Nerds and rainbow candy. Sonic hasn't released nutritional information on the new slushes, but based on current data, we're guessing it won't be great. According to Sonic, a large, blue raspberry slush with Nerds is 730 calories and has 185 grams of sugar. One can only imagine how much extra sugar and calories the rainbow candy in the All-Star slush will add to the equation. And oh by the way, the World Health Organization recommends a sugar intake of 25 grams per day.

We don't bring this up to slander Sonic. They can serve whatever they want to serve. We bring this up to remind you Kevin Durant isn't always what he appears to be. If Kevin Durant can make the quick flip from trying to offer healthy menu options to serving frozen sugar in a cup, what's stopping him from making another shocking turn in the not-so-distant future?

More than ever, we're convinced some Kevin Durant thinks this whole process is just good sport. He's not looking for anything logical, like money. He can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world (other than Washington D.C.) burn.

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