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Paul Pierce and Gilbert Arenas trolled the Raptors on social media after sweep

Two Wizard legends had things to say on Instagram after the Wizards completed their sweep of the Raptors.

You wouldn't think two guys in their mid-thirties would know how to effectively troll people, but Gilbert Arenas and Paul Pierce have a way of defying people's expectations. After the Wizards completed their first round sweep over the Raptors, Gilbert Arenas hopped on Instagram, as he's done all series long, to celebrate the success of his former team in a way only he can:

This sums up the Raptors season..started off looking good and thennnnnn #WTF hahahahaha..yall almost had it...

A video posted by Famous In Real Life (@theagentzeroshow) on

SIRI dont lie!!!.right now were 4-0...lmaoo THX BOO haha #Wiznation

A video posted by Famous In Real Life (@theagentzeroshow) on

Still, the best trolling of the night came from Paul Pierce, who dropped this truthbomb on Drake after the game:

Drake crazy fa this

A photo posted by The Truth (@paulpierce) on

He also posted this photo on his Facebook page:

Paul Pierce King of North

Has anyone ever had a better two-week run of smack talk and trolling that Paul Pierce is on right now? Hopefully it just goes on forever.