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A look back at the Wizards' most interesting off-court stories this season

Here's a roundup of eight of our most notable non-basketball-related takes about the Wizards ... so far.

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The regular season is now over, and the Wizards finished with a 46-36 record over the last six or so months. We have written a ton of stories in that timeframe, ranging from the most exhilarating wins to the most deflating losses.

Let's take a look back the last six or so months to recap some of our most interesting and touching takes on the team besides the wins, losses, and X's and O's:

John Wall has an awesome Foot Locker Commercial

At the start of the regular season, Jake gave the best summary of John Wall's Foot Locker commercial that you can find on the Internet.

I'm still waiting for him to get to Step 1 of "The Process" though.

Wall gets emotional about Miyah Telemaque-Nelson's passing

Wall struck a friendship with 6-year-old Miyah Telemaque Nelson, who was suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, she passed away on December 8, 2014. Wall had a great stat line in a win against the Celtics that same day, but the bigger story was how emotional he was during a postgame interview with CSN's Chris Miller.

The very next day, he was able to compose himself a little more and gave an interview to SportsCenter about Miyah.

What are the toppings and secret sauce behind more #WIZ50 wins?

The Wizards were on a roll early in the 2014-15 season and were off to one of their best starts in franchise history. Most of the time, they also scored over 100 points and helped D.C. area residents get 50 percent off Papa John's Pizza the next day. It happened often enough to the point where I had to write a hot take on it.

The Wizards ended up with just 29 #WIZ50 wins, less than the 2013-14 season. However, they have more overall wins, so I can't complain about that either.

Of all 29 Wizards' #WIZ50 wins, their 101-87 shellacking over the New York Knicks was the most exciting because their head coach Derek Fisher wasn't pleased that Rasual Butler delivered the D.C. area a 50% off coupon at the end:

Wall and his omission from the State Farm National Bureau of Assists

State Farm aired a commercial featuring their "National Bureau of Assists (SFNBA)" on Christmas Day. The SFNBA is a group of five of notable NBA/WNBA point guards' twins known for assisting car, boat, and homeowners across the country. The most notable omission to that group was the #WallStar, and we voted Damian Lillard out.

Things get better though. At NBA All-Star Weekend, Wall decided to ask some State Farm player/agents for some diamond patterned-swag on All-Star Saturday:

and a more direct question during the game:

After the All-Star Game, I wrote that Wall shares a lot in common with Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird, whose twin Summer is one of the members of that SFNBA group. I honestly feel that they use their strengths -- that I'll admit are quite different -- to provide similar impacts on their teams and wear a lot of other SFNBA members' hats in the process.

Randy Wittman was the fartman in college

Two of Randy Wittman's college teammates at Indiana: Dan Dakich and Uwe Blab reminisced their time in college over 30 years ago. The best moment they shared was about Wittman's farting skills:

Blab: Didn't he do it in a tune too?

Dakich: There was some, yes. [laughs] I forgot about that. [Laughs, pounds table] I forgot it was musical, it was beautiful, really.

If the Wizards make the Eastern Conference Finals, he owes the Wizards a postgame musical performance in the locker room. He must've been quite the jokester for the Hoosiers.

Otto, where are you?

On March 3, 2015, Otto Porter, scored 11 points and grabbed five rebounds in a 97-92 loss to the Chicago Bulls. He even made two of three point shots. Unfortunately, this defensive lapse overshadowed everything:

Jake examined all the possible scenarios that went through Porter's mind for those fateful 1.3 seconds.

Randy Wittman shoots just full court shots during the Wizards' March 23 game against the Warriors -- virtually

The Wizards only made one shot out of 18 attempts in the third quarter against the Golden State Warriors on March 23. Bad. So bad that Akbar asked this, right before they missed 18 shots:

and inspired Jake to put this hypothesis to the test. He tested whether Wittman -- in his 1985-86 Atlanta Hawks form -- could do better. Fortunately for reality (and NBA 2K's simulation engine), the Wizards were better off shooting 1 of 18 in a quarter with conventional shots than Wittman making just 1 out of 34 full court heaves.

Martell Webster, a/k/a Sui Generis talks about his music

The sharpshooting swingman told all about how he developed his rap music project in a feature that Nick wrote earlier this February. The coolest part was that he visited Vox Media headquarters and even showed his music video of his song "Disposition" which is embedded above (NSFW lyrics).