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Wizards release new primary logo

The old "Wizard and partial moon" logo has now been officially killed off, but it was inevitable for quite some time.

Monumental Sports

The Washington Wizards have released a new primary logo on Wednesday. You can check it out above. The new logo consists of the current "Monument Ball" secondary logo with Wizards wordmarks surrounding it.

This marks the end of the franchise's previous primary logo was the "Wizard and partial moon" logo, which had been in use since the 1997-98 season when the team moved to Verizon Center. The primary logo then went through a mid-cycle refresh in the 2007-08 season when the colors changed to teal and gold. Finally, in 2011-12, the primary logo changed its colors to red, white, and blue -- and the Wizard's positioning changed a little bit too. Here's a diagram of the Wizard's logos below:

primary logo history

The Wizards will continue to use the "DC" hand logo -- which has been their de-facto primary logo since the 2011-12 season -- and the "Monument Ball." Those logos are shown below:

secondary logos

What do you think of the new primary logo? I feel that it was inevitable that the "Wizard and partial moon logo" was going to be killed off at some point -- but I personally wouldn't consider this the sign of a name change just yet. Or is it?