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Wizards vs. Pacers final score: Painful 2OT Game Ends In Wizards falling 99-95

The Wizards played the Indiana Pacers into two overtimes, but couldn't pull it out in the end despite John Wall, Bradley Beal and Marcin Gortat all playing over 40 minutes.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Was that basketball? Are we sure it was basketball? Can anyone confirm that we actually just watched 58 minutes of NBA basketball?

Whatever that was, the Wizards lost it in two overtimes to Paul George and the Indiana Pacers.

It would be one thing to even try to break this down and have "three takeaways," but this game simply isn't worthy of that. It just isn't.

Instead, I'm just going to outlines the reason this game was truly ridiculous.

  • John Wall, Bradley Beal and Marcin Gortat all played over 40 minutes in this game. Yes, it went into two overtimes, but there is no reason to be putting mileage on those three players at this point in the season. The Wizards literally cannot improve their spot in the standings, and just have to wait for the Bulls and Raptors to fight it out for the No. 4 seed. Those three should be playing no more than 20 minutes in these final games just to get some conditioning in. Ramon Sessions only played 14 minutes (14!!!) in this game.
  • In overtime, the Wizards really got into what Bill Simmons referred to on Twitter as the "clogged toilet" offense. That sounds about right. With Drew Gooden and Gortat on the floor, this offense does nothing. The final play of regulation was an inbounds to Wall, who then passed it to Gortat. Gortat then handed it back off to Wall and attempted to set a pick for him. What. Why. How. When. Where. Wittman.
  • Both teams shot under 40 percent in this game. After the first quarter, it looked like the winning team would maybe break 75 points in regulation. Wall and Beal shot a combined 14-for-47 from the floor. Off the bench for the Pacers, Luis Scola, Lavoy Allen and Donald Sloan combined to shoot 0-for-7.
  • The Pacers missed all three of their free throws in the first quarter.
  • For almost six minutes in the third quarter, the Wizards went through a stretch when they only scored one point, which came off of a free throw from Gortat.
  • By losing to the Pacers, the Wizards just put the Pacers back in position to make the playoffs. The same team that was without Paul George for 97 percent of the season. The same Pacers squad that has the eighth least efficient offense in the league, per ESPN's John Hollinger. The same group of players that has a worse effective field goal percentage than the Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings.

If nothing else, at least we got this sweet Kris Humprhies block.