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NBA Standings: Wizards locked into fifth seed after Bulls' win

In today's Wake-Up Call, we take a look at who the Wizards will end up facing in the 4-5 matchup, how Ted Leonsis will balance traveling to Wiz and Caps games and check in on Jordan Crawford.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. Welcome back to the fifth seed, Wizards fans

It's official: Despite all the high moments of the past year, the Wizards will be entering the playoffs with the same seed they entered the playoffs with last season. The Bulls' 113-86 win in Brooklyn ensured the Wizards will not be able to move past Chicago or Toronto for homecourt advantage.

The only thing left to decide is who the Wizards will face in the first round. The Bulls' hold a half game lead at the moment, but that's because they only have one game left on the schedule, Wednesday night vs. Atlanta. The Raptors' still have two games left. They play Tuesday at Boston against the Celticswho just clinched a playoff spot, then they finish on Wednesday at home against the Hornets. If the Raptors' win both games, they'll be the three seed, thanks to holding the tiebreaker over the Bulls as division champions. If the Raptors lose one of their games and Chicago wins on Wednesday, the Wizards will be heading to Toronto.

According to Ben Alamar, ESPN's Director of Production Analytics, the Wizards have nearly a 58 percent shot of winding up facing the Bulls.

2. Ted Leonsis explains his playoff viewing policy

Ted Leonsis is going to be in a tricky spot the next few weeks, with the Wizards and the Capitals making it to the playoffs this season. He took some time to explain on his blog how he'll manage when both teams are scheduled to play the same day:

After discussing this issue as a family, we have decided that we will always attend the home game of the team that is playing; and watch the road game on television or our iPads. In this regard, we can mingle with our fans and show support to our city and our business associates and members of our business family.

However, if a road game is about elimination, either way, we may decide to go on the road to lend support to the team. We shall let the situation dictate this decision.

If both teams are on the road on the same day and date, we may be able to attend both games if one game was scheduled for the afternoon, and another game was scheduled at night; if that isn't feasible, we would split up as a family with some members attending one game and the others going to the second venue.

3. Jordan Crawford continuing to do well in D-League playoffs

But don't take our word for it:

4. We had a hangout last night

We're happy to announce that this year during the playoffs, we're going to be hosting post-game hangouts after each playoff game. To test things out, we did a show last night that hit on a variety of topics, from grading the team's performance this year, to who we'd like to see the Wizards' face in the playoffs to our true feelings about Drake. Once you get through the technical issues of the first few minutes, it's a good watch if you're interested. We promise things will look a little more polished once the playoffs come around.