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The Top 5 Wizards stories of the week: A banner season is within reach!

Let's take a look at the Wizards' top five stories since last Sunday.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards only played one game since last Sunday, April 5. But we still have plenty of top stories to talk about. Let's get to them:

1. The Wizards are on the verge of having their best regular season since 1979

Tonight, the Wizards head to New York City to play the Brooklyn Nets. They currently have 45 wins and have quietly gone on a four-game winning streak. Should they win tonight, the Wizards will have won the most regular season games in franchise history since the 1978-79 team won 54 games and lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder, I mean the Seattle SuperSonics in the Finals. And while the Sonics are on my mind, bring the NBA back to Seattle ASAP, Adam Silver!

The Wizards will not be able to meet the elusive 50-win mark this season. But at the same time, the players on this team are starting to gel together once again like they were back in December. Many, if not most of you were not born when the Wizards last won 46 games or more in a regular season. So tonight could very well be historic for us.

2. NBA Standings: The Wizards could have homecourt advantage, but they will likely end up as the 5th seed in the 2015 Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs

With just a few games left to go in the regular season, we do know that they will be at least the fifth seed in the East:

Seed Team W L Games Left
1 Atlanta Hawks 59 19 4
2 Cleveland Cavaliers 51 27 4
3 Chicago Bulls 47 32 3
4 Toronto Raptors 46 32 4
5 Washington Wizards 45 33 4
6 Milwaukee Bucks 38 40 4
7 Boston Celtics 36 42 4
8 Brooklyn Nets 35 43 4

That said, it's going to be an uphill battle for Washington to get higher than that, where the third and fourth seeds are still mathematically within reach. Let's take a look at which teams the Wizards, Raptors, and Bulls have left in their regular season schedules:

@ Nets (4/10) @ Magic (4/10) vs. 76ers (4/11)
vs. Hawks (4/12) @ Heat (4/11) @ Nets (4/13)
@ Pacers (4/14) @ Celtics (4/14) vs. Hawks (4/15)
@ Cavaliers (4/15) vs. Hornets (4/15)

At this point, the Wizards have the toughest schedule of these three teams because they play a Nets team tonight that's fighting for their playoff lives. They still have a game against the Eastern Conference-leading Hawks on Sunday. After they play Tuesday against a Pacers team that will showcase Paul George's comeback from last summer's unfortunate leg injury at the USA Basketball Showcase. I'm not particularly worried about the Cavs game next Wednesday, since both teams may be playing their benches.

The Raptors can perhaps rest their players against the Magic tonight, but they will play a desperate Miami Heat team on Saturday and the overachieving Celtics on Tuesday. Those latter two games will be tough tests for them as they try to maintain home court advantage. The Bulls' only real test left in the season would be the Nets on Monday. Their Wednesday game against the Hawks will be a lot like the Wizards vs. Cavs game.

If I had to guess what ends up happening, the Wizards will probably remain the fifth seed in the East without home court advantage against the Raptors. But I won't mind being wrong about it.

3. John Wall rests for the first time in over two years

John Wall missed Wednesday's game against the Philadelphia 76ers which ended a streak of 219 consecutive games played. It's great to see that Wall has been the Wizards' Ironman for nearly three seasons worth of games with his durability. But the Wizards' goals go beyond the regular season and this team is only going as far as he can.

Get your rest John. You deserve it my man.

4. Monumental Sports may build the Wizards' practice facility at Howard University's campus

Talks are in early stages, but despite the debate about where it will be and how it will be funded, the Wizards do need a practice facility. Hopefully, it's built soon. Read more by clicking here.

5. The home team takes part in the White House Easter Egg Roll

A number of the Wizards' players and Mystics guard/forward Tierra Ruffin-Pratt attended the White House Easter Egg Roll this past Monday. Watch this video below from Monumental Network or click here:

The President also took part getting some jump shots in and trash talked Paul Pierce after draining a game winner:

The Truth as we all know is a master at trash talking, but he has nothing to say when the most powerful man in the country shows off his game!