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Wizards still interested in Bynum and Brown for final roster spot, according to report

The Wizards still have an open roster spot, and it looks like they still may have plans to use it before the end of the season.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

After the trade buyout market came and passed with the Wizards standing pat, it looked like the Wizards might stick with the roster as-is 14, even though they still had an open roster spot. After all, the Ramon Sessions trade did address the team's biggest need, at least conceptually.

But the Wizards might not be done looking at filling that final roster spot, according to ESPN's Marc Stein:

Both Will Bynum and Bobby Brown have come up before in reports and rumors about how the Wizards could add backcourt depth after the trade deadline.

Neither player has played in the NBA this season, which might sound concerning on the surface, but might actually be advantageous for the Wizards in this situation. Unlike a waived player, there's no deadline for when Bynum and Brown can sign and still be eligible to play in this year's playoffs. The Wizards can hold off on making a deal as long as they want, to ensure they don't need that roster spot to fill another hole. Both players have the potential to bring some much-needed depth to the team, but if say, Marcin Gortat were to get injured next week, suddenly the Wizards have a much bigger issue to address and no way to resolve it without waiving a player outright.

While it can be frustrating watching the Wizards flounder while a roster spot is sitting there, waiting to be filled with someone who could help turn things around, the Wizards' caution is at least understandable. Fortunately, it looks like the team is still weighing options, and with Bynum and Brown, it wouldn't take long for either veteran guard to get comfortable.