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Otto Porter explains botched defensive play vs. Bulls

Today's Wake-Up Call takes a look at what was going through Otto Porter's head when he was frozen in time against Chicago, whether #Wizardskillers really exist, and the struggling nature of Washington's defense.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

1. Otto reveals what went wrong

No, his controller didn't get disconnected. No, his goggles didn't fog up. And, unfortunately, no he didn't expect to have Chicago's possession designed for Tony Snell.

So, he lost sight of his man and has to live with the consequences.

Via J. Michael of Comcast SportsNet:

"It just happened. Not seeing my man and the ball at the same time. Stepped up a little too high. That way make sure I can see him. Next thing I know he's gone," Porter said. "I was actually talking to (Garrett) Temple on the ball at the same time while I took my eyes off him. That's when he went.  Just happened. It happens. Not the first one, trust me."

2. #Wizardskillers exist

This isn't a joke, Wizards fans. We've all grumbled about them at one point or another during the dark years of our fandom. Scientific studies conducted by Hoop District have officially put this myth to end, once and for all -- statistical evidence shows #Wizardskillers do, in fact, exist.*

This is #SoWizards.

*These studies are not scientific but Wizards fans know the evidence need not be scientific to prove that certain opponents love to feast on Washington.

3. Wizards' lackluster offense must carry load for defensive woes

It's difficult to fix a struggling defense by producing good offense when said offense has become pretty horrific. Yet that's what the Wizards are trying to do. As has become the norm for this season, Washington's struggles increase against top-tier teams. Here's a quick summary into why the team's abilities on either side of the ball aren't good enough to compensate for the other, via Truth About It:

From a 101.7 OffRtg in November to 105.5 in December to 103.9 in January to 96.3 in February, Washington now requires an almost herculean defensive effort in order to have a chance at winning a game. The Wizards aren’t creating less offense due to worse defense. They just can’t create offense, defensive stop or not. Washington forces 14 turnovers per game, ranked 18th-most in the league, but only score 15.2 points per game off of turnovers, ranked 9th-fewest.

4. Bill Simmons wants Randy Wittman fired

Simmons, like the majority of us, knows Ted Leonsis is a patient man. He also knows that Leonsis should not be patient in his plans to get rid of Wittman. Among many reasons, Simmons notes that Washington has become the most predictable team down the stretch of games, leading to major struggles when the y need to produce in late-game situations.

"If you talk to any Wizards fan who just watches them, they’d drive [Wittman] to the airport," Simmons said. "You know what they’re going to do. There’s no surprise. …You can feel it with the fans. There’s nothing more depressing right now than a Wizards home game. The crowd is just sitting there like ehhh. Uhhhh. It’s just terrible. I would get rid of the coach. As we’ve discussed, I like [Ted] Leonsis, [but] I think he needs to be a little more proactive as an owner." he onto something here?

5 .Wizards vs. Miami Heat tonight

The Wizards (34-27), in the midst of a free fall, take on the Heat (27-33) tonight. Miami made a major move to bolster its team at the trade deadline, dealing for Goran Dragic, before the unfortunate news of Chris Bosh's blood clot forced him to miss the remainder of the season, while the Wizards made a small, lateral move in acquiring Ramon Sessions. That may or may not tell you enough about which of these teams is content with where its at, despite serious evidence against the need to be complacent.

Tip off is set for 7 p.m. at the Verizon Center. You can watch live on Comcast SportsNet and/or listen on 99.1 WNEW.