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Wizards need more than effort to fix issues

In today's Wake-Up Call, we take a look at the Wizards' recent struggles, Randy Wittman's desire for his team to play harder, and an update on Kris Humphries' status for Washington's next game.

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1. Good try, good effort

Except according to Randy Wittman, his team doesn't deserve even the slightest praise for good effort. But as he likes to often say, it's apparently his job to instill that fire in them to fight so that blame should fall on him. Except that's the only thing he seems to notice with his team's problems -- a lack of effort. It's been an excuse throughout the course of the season, and one that's becoming old and lame really quickly.

PS, the image that goes with the article is enough to make it a worthwhile link to click on.

2. The Wizards have been really bad lately

But you knew that already. It's been a long fall from grace, when the Wizards were actually, you know, good. Now, the team is pretty darn bad and there's a great breakdown of their struggles and what has been causing them, beyond just effort.

3. Kris Humphries' status for Friday vs. Miami

It ain't happening.

4. Let's laugh at Otto Porter some more

Again, there are very few things about this team that have been fun of late. So why not laugh at a collection of photoshopped pictures of Otto frozen in time?

PS, we still love you, Otto.

5. Top candidates to round out the roster

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Isn't that how teams choose to fill the final roster spot on their team? I don't know what this team thinks anymore. Either way, here's a list of potential players who could fill the final spot on the Wizards' roster.