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Ray Allen will not play for the Wizards, or any other team, this season

Ray Allen is choosing to skip out on the 2014-15 NBA season as a whole and will reevaluate his situation for the 2015-16 NBA season.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Ray Allen won't be playing for the Wizards or anyone else this season. According to his representation, Tandem, he has decided he won't play this season and will wait until next season to see where things may fall for him and his family.

Allen's agent, Jim Tanner, released a statement about Allen's situation.

Ten-time NBA All-Star Ray Allen will not play during the 2014-15 NBA season, announced his agent Jim Tanner, President of Tandem Sports + Entertainment. Allen will take the remainder of this season and the off-season to reassess for the 2015-16 NBA season.

"Over the past several months, I have taken a lot of time to deliberate what is best for me," Allen said. "I’ve ultimately decided that I will not play this NBA season. I’m going to take the remainder of this season, as well as the upcoming off-season, to reassess my situation, spend time with my family and determine if I will play in the 2015-16 season."

That's obviously disappointing if you're one of the teams that were looking to sign him, including the Wizards. Allen will remain in communication with teams interested, Tanner said, as he makes a decision on a possible return next season but it remains to be seen whether Allen will play.

The Wizards have held a roster spot open for Allen since they let go of Glen Rice Jr. earlier this year. That 14th roster spot has been sitting wide open, and the Wizards desperately need help on the wings and generating three point shooting opportunities.

Rasual Butler started off hot, but has cooled down since, Paul Pierce has been a solid shooter for the team but has never really been the best option as a spot up shooter and Bradley Beal just does not take enough threes. Allen would've provided an immediate boost in that area.

Allen probably would not have played huge minutes on this team, so it may have been a mistake to wait this long for him just to not have a chance to sign him. But, as a specialist, he would have been perfect.

Now, with Allen no longer an option, the Wizards must turn elsewhere to fill their final roster spot. Options from overseas like Will Bynum, who's team was just eliminated from the CBA playoffs, or Bobby Brown, a scoring guard with lots of interest, appear more likely than ever.

The buyout market is finished for all practical purposes and the Wizards are running out of options and need to make serious improvement to their team. Waiting for Allen this long may have been a mistake, but they have to move forward now.