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Wizards owner Ted Leonsis bemoans Wizards' energy after loss to Rockets

After the Wizards' fifth loss in six games, the Wizards' owner took to his blog to voice his concerns with the team's recent performance.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There's any number of signs you can point to that things haven't been going well for the Wizards. You can point to how they're 12-20 since January 20th, the 23rd-best record in that span. Or, you can point to how the Wizards have the 27th best offensive rating since the All Star break. Or, you can just point to Michael Lee's piece for the Washington Post about the team's struggles.

But as clear as those signs are, it goes to a new level when Ted Leonsis chimes in on things, as he did Monday on his blog:

In DC, on national television, the Wizards continued to slide and rung up another loss in a very winnable game. We just don't seem to have as much energy as we did earlier in the season, and we are making the game harder than it is by turning the ball over and missing lay ups and dunks. I counted 5 close in lay up like shots that were missed and then the player complained that he was fouled, while the other team ran up the court.

Neither team shot the ball well. And the flow of the game was odd because of so many foul shots taken; in an anomaly, the Wizards shot 29 for 37 and the Rockets shot 22 of 32. That is a lot of points from the free throw line in a game where neither team scored 100 points.

Houston though won the game from the 3 point line, shooting 9 for 29. The Wizards shot 4 of 15. There is a 15 point swing in an 8 point loss.

Clearly, Leonsis is not satisfied with the team's performance as of late, in spite of the fact the Wizards could finish with their best record since 1979. While he stops short of naming names, we're not sure anyone is totally free of blame from what he has to say here.