Will the Verizon Center ever have the home court advantage that the Wizards need?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I'm a first-year season ticket holder for the Washington Wizards and nothing grinds my gears more than the lack of passionate fans we have. I have grown to love the Wizards over the years even though I suffered 4 long years of King James Reign as I endured the depths of the Eastern Conference cellar cheering for the Wizards while studying at FIU.

Over the last two seasons, the Wizards have made strides from the bottom come to be a middle of the pack Eastern Conference team with a lot of potential, and have beaten some really good teams; but nothing is changing. People still get more excited about the Chick-fil-A Fowl Shots in the 4th to win a free chicken sandwich. I get it: We aren't going to win the Finals and making the Eastern Conference Finals looks like a long shot. But now that we finally have something to cheer for why are we still not cheering?

I sit in section 103, and if you have ever been near any neighboring section you will definitely hear me. I am a loud gas ball of a balanced combination of obnoxious and hilarious comments directed at the game. Of course, I am a bad example to compare to because I am at one far end of the spectrum. But I have people in my row who leave games early all the time (five minutes left in the 4th of the OKC game, which went to OT and same thing Friday vs Hornets), and then others who are on mute the whole game!

Capitals games always have energy. You don't just feel it in the arena, but you can see it on TV. Why can't we do that for the Wizards? The Capitals have had a run of reaching the playoffs but not much success in them, so we need the Wizards to make it a few more times so we develop a false hope that will drive our encouragement of the team?!?

Forget the false hopes. Forget the second half skid. Forget the fact that Randy Wittman continuously tells his players to run a dribble handoff at the top of the key to start every offensive set! Just cheer for the Wizards.

John Wall gives his all for the city. It's about time we start doing the same.

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