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Randy Wittman ranked the 26th best coach in the NBA by ESPN panel

Randy Wittman is having the best season of his career, but it's not doing much to impress ESPN's analysts.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

All this week, ESPN has been ranking the NBA's front office personnel. Tuesday, we learned the Wizards came in 21st overall, with Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld finishing 20th among key decision makers.

Today, ESPN unveiled their rankings for all 30 NBA coaches, and as you might expect, Randy Wittman did not fare well at all. He finished 26th in this year's rankings. The only coaches to finish below Wittman are Derek Fisher and Byron Scott, who are both in their first year coaching their respective teams, and interim coaches James Borrego and Melvin Hunt.

As the rankings clearly show, Wittman isn't winning critics over with his performance, even though he's on pace to finish the season with the best record of his career. But clearly at this point, Wittman isn't just fighting off a bad perception in NBA circles, he's fighting for his job, as the team has floundered since mid-January.

Wittman dropped two spots from last season, when he was ranked 24th. Five of the six coaches ranked below Wittman have been relieved of their duties since last year's rankings, as well as the four coaches who were ranked immediately above him.

When it comes to ranking coaches, it's not just whether or not the coach is winning, but rather whether or not he's getting the most out of their team. As the rankings seem to indicate, there's plenty of people out there who don't think talent is being maximized right now.