It's hard to imagine the Wizards staying pat after this season

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Consider how corporations run their business on a yearly basis. They often times set goals annually in the hope to motivate employee and to further improve productivity. The Wizards are similar in a sense that they started off this season with a couple of goals that they are on the verge of failing at:

CSN Washington Morning tip: Do 50 wins or more sound right for Wizards? Yes

50 Wins:

  • John Wall: "Our ultimate go is to try to get 50."

Home Court Advantage:

  • John Wall: "At least try to stay in one of those top four seeds where you can have home-court advantage."

CSN Washington John Wall wants how many home wins this year?

Home Wins:

  • John Wall: "We've got to win 30 games at home if you want to be a 50-win team."

With two more overall losses or two more home losses, two of those goals are history and the Home Court Advantage goal will likely become even more difficult. So if you have the leader of the Wizards, John Wall, saying these things and the Wizards are unsuccessful at these things, then what does it say about this team? If a corporation does not meet it's goals, assessments are made, and often times changes are made.

Many NBA teams have found contributors like Draymond Green for the Golden State Warriors, who despite being a second round pick, has proven to be a key rotation player and depth even during a time when he wasn't . The key is making good use of your draft picks and developing your players.

Since the "Rebuild" started under Leonsis, the Wizards have 0 second round draft picks left on the roster and only one of those draft picks is still in the league. Instead of working hard to find suitable young talent, the team has decided to go after aging veterans who are incapable of matching up against some of the young, more athletic talent in the league.

It has been said that the Wizards roster is great for a 90s style of basketball, but under the current NBA style, the roster construction is ineffective. Teams are capable of going small, spreading shooters across the court and opening up the middle for penetration, but the Wizards not only do not have the bigs capable of playing such a style, they struggle to defend it which is why teams like Golden State, Atlanta, and Miami have gone small against the Wizards and shown that they can score in large bunches.

To add to the deficiency of the roster, you have a coach in place who also hasn't adapted to the modern NBA model. The insistence of shooting the long two has been beaten to death on this site, but there is also some other fundamental things that are missing. When teams decide to go small, why have the Wizards been so slow to adjust? Why have the Wizards been so hesitate to go to a smaller lineup when they at least have players like Paul Pierce who have been effective in the past at this type of style? What is even more mind boggling is the usage of the current players.

Marcin Gortat is not a post player, yet because of matchups, Wittman continues to put him on the block with little success. Gortat shoots a putrid 39.3% on turnaround jumper, yet so often we are seeing scenarios against small lineups where he is used in this way. Statistics show that he is most effective on offense, when the offense causes him to drive towards the basket, which is why pick and roll is the most effective option for him yet it is not used very often this season.

How egregious is his ability to score away from the basket? Gortat shoots 73.4% within in the restricted area. Anywhere inside the paint outside the restricted area, which would include places that he would either shoot a jump shot or even post up, he shoots 37.6% and he shoots 41.6 from mid range!!!!! That means all of those post up moves and jumpers pretty much negate his effectiveness on offense. So why is this man still shooting the ball away from the basket again? Why hasn't Wittman understood the deficiencies in this game and put him in a better position to be more effective?

I can go on and on, but I think you get the point. This team has shown that they are not only breaking at the seams, but they also have too many flaws to be legitimate contenders in the near future. With that said, how can Leonsis look at this team, the performance, the failure of reaching goals and stay pat? Is it unreasonable to assume that at the very least that Grunfeld or Wittman will be gone?

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