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Wizards come in 21st in ESPN's NBA Front Office Rankings

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards are having one of their best seasons in decades. Despite the team's three game losing streak, they still hold the best winning percentage of any team in franchise history since the 1978-79 team that went 54-28.

Despite this, the management team that's put together this year's Wizards squad isn't getting much love from ESPN when it comes to their 2015 NBA Front Office Rankings. This year, the Wizards come in 21st in the rankings, up five spots from last season, but still behind the Philadelphia 76ers. The only teams to rank lower than the Wizards were the Pelicans, Magic, Kings, Hornets, Timberwolves, Nuggets, Lakers, Nets and Knicks.

And before you criticize or praise where ESPN slotted the Wizards, please keep in mind this is not the opinions or ramblings of just one writer. Here's how ESPN put together their list:

We asked our ESPN Forecast panel to rate every team's owner, basketball decision-maker(s) and coach from 0 to 10, and we then asked the panel to tell us how important each role is.

In particular, we asked the voters to rate each team's front-office management on its guidance and leadership in terms of how it affects overall on-court success, both in the short and long term. From there, we calculated the ratings to determine the NBA's best and worst front offices.

The Wizards' overall rating was 5.00, narrowly edging out the Pelicans, who finished at 4.97.