Comedian Adam Newman Absolutely Eviscerates Wizards Fans

The Wizards don't garner many pop culture mentions beyond the infamous GunGate™ incident, so this stood out. I just happened to be listening to Comedy Central Radio the other day and heard this clip from comedian Adam Newman about his experience (as an outsider) attending a Wizards game. The special it was taken from seems to be a couple of years old, so take it with a grain of salt. It's probably the most random Wizards related thing I've heard in awhile, but it's also about 99% accurate.


Wizards tickets only cost about 75 cents.
Nobody gives a sh*t about Wizards games.
The Chipotle Burrito toss is the most ill-conceived stadium giveaway ever.

Yeah, it's hard to hear this as a Wizards fan, but sadly it's sorta true. And funny.

Just listen already. [Clip courtesy of]

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