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Nene hates the Bulls. Let's help him hate every other team.

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards and Bulls have had a fun rivalry over the past two seasons. Unlike other battles in the NBA, there appears to be some legitimately bad blood here. Yes, their battle in last year's playoffs was their most memorable battle, but there's been plenty of flareups in the regular season, and even the preseason to keep things interesting.

Nene's the best personification of the change in intensity between when the Wizards play the Bulls and most other games. Usually Nene plays like an intense, but gentle giant. Against the Bulls, he turns into the Hulk, but with less retraint. Both of his suspensions as a Wizard have come as a result of getting in tussles with the Bulls. First, he headbutted Jimmy Butler, then he got suspended for leaving the bench during an altercation in the preseason.

Tuesday night, the teams square off again, and Nene made it clear to reporters things haven't changed:

It's good to hear Nene is still mad, because when Nene is angry, he's amazing. Here's a quick reminder of what a fully engaged and fully enraged Nene can do against the Defensive Player of the Year:

We're not the only ones to notice this, of course. Randy Wittman would also like to see more of Angry Nene.

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of reasons that we hope will help Nene get as angry for the other 28 teams in the NBA as he gets against the Bulls: