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Video: Monumental Network's Dan Nolan is the ladies' man

Monumental Network reporter Dan Nolan caught the eye of many Wizards fans who attended Ladies Night this past Thursday against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Monumental Network

On Thursday, the Washington Wizards hosted the Memphis Grizzlies on TNT. They won the game 107-86 and that alone made any fan happy. But it was also Ladies Night, where female fans had a chance to have a night out, eat dinner, and watch what turned out to be a great win.

Ladies Night also provided Monumental Network's Dan Nolan a chance to introduce himself to some ladies and get some dates with his youthful looks, dapper suit, and smooth pickup lines. Before anyone tries to make fun of him or his pickup lines, he did better than I would in a million years. I would probably too awestruck to even say anything. :(

You can watch the video in the embed below, or click here. Enjoy.

Dan Nolan, you are my hero.